Apple Creative Projects #AlterEgo

Creative Lead

Experience design, script, and story for the illustration-focused finale of Apple Creative Projects. Shot at Apple Michigan Avenue in Chicago, the episode led viewers to create their own expressive alter ego characters using Procreate, guided by Dallas designer Temi Coker.

Packed with fun unlocks for iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate, we wanted to let the fun shine through as Temi and Apple Creative Pro Anthony got creative (and a little weird) together in-store at Apple Michegan Avenue.

I worked closely with a creative partner from the design side to develop the story and experience, going deep into the functionality of the featured products and app to create a fluid narrative that would guide the prepatory work, shoot and post-production phases. 

On set, I supervised the script to ensure every key mark was hit, giving direction to the talent as needed to ensure the story was sound. I then

worked with an amazing post-production team to bring the narrative together and down to size. 

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